Books. Lots of books

sit on my daughter’s bedroom shelf. They’re a bit like magazines with new weight-loss tips in. Buying them doesn’t mean you skip the tricksy not eating chips and getting off your bum bit and progress direct to waif. I should know, I’ve tried that

So it is with introducing reading with my only, beloved monkey-face. Reading is tricky with monkey-face. She wants control. She doesn’t want to hear what’s on the page and she wants to go back and back and back to the same page. And then throw the book on the floor. I don’t know what I foresaw, but obviously either I missed a meeting or she did. I’m going to say it, but I may need wine to do so (alas, six am, best not.) Reading together is a bit… (whisper it) Stressful? Unenjoyable? It’s definitely a minefield likely to tip my independent toddler-teen over the edge. Hence, reading’s become like that diet you start tomorrow… To abandon the metaphor as well as the diet, we do, however, read sporadically, but not consistently

Regime change has to be planned for and it’s to my own amusement I note that I’ve actually started blogging when she is away on her first nancation. When else would I get the time..?

Slightly earlier than published, we’ll be reunited tomorrow. Just in time to commence regime change. And maybe a diet

For Gilksie. And Monkey-face


One thought on “Books. Lots of books

  1. May your diet of books be far more enjoyable than any food diet we have tried! I read a bear story to my grandaughter Macy last night and she fell asleep before the end – is that a success or failure ?

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