Double Dating

I’m a bit under it this week… I’ve set myself expectations of reading not only my own book group’s book, but also that of a drop in book group. (I’m also in a profoundly busy slot at work… 14 hour days, terrifying deadlines.)

The drop in lot are reading Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom, a book I’ve had in a steady holding pattern since its release last year but with no time to read it. As anyone who may have even rubbed shoulders with me will know, The Corrections is one of my favourite books. One of the others is Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys. But I’m giving up everything on the first date, really aren’t I? So, I’m cracking open the Franzen just as soon as I’m through my regular book group’s monthly offering.. This is what happens when you double date.

Not that I’m through with Grace Williams yet. Grace Williams Says it Loud by Emma Henderson is my regular book group’s homework. 45 pages in and I’m like a kid watching Derrin Brown… How on earth has she done this? Light and shade, soft and dark, joyous, terribly sad. It’s amazing. I’m not ducking out on an early date with Jonathan until this is over. This is a beautiful, stunning novel. I’m sick with jealousy


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