September 10th, retro post

Best laid plans thwarted by post traumatic project disorder and head-splitting migraine that laid me out til this afternoon.

Guilt at not having actually read with monkey-face yet, we had a go at some hardback Moomin books – words and colours. In between standing on them and wearing them as a hat, we made some progress with interest in the pictures and guessing the words.

When she grew sleepy, around nap time, I grabbed my old childhood favourite, The Magic Faraway Tree (my childhood-original, politically-incorrect version which matches a Noddy sent for Emilia by my 80 year-old aunt.) She ran around whilst I read a few pages. I’ve adjusted my expectations – both in monkey-face’s attention span, my own anticipation that the story and writing are going to have survived the test of time and whether we will make it to the end




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