September 14th – Retro post

Is it the bone- freezing temperatures? The lack of DipDap? The fact that the toys we brought with us arent composite of 100 pieces to be scattered far and wide? Was it mummy’s fixation with herding us all to Dungeness, a place with it’s own greyscape, where the minute we got down the boardwalk to the sea, it started to rain and we had to run back to the car…

But today, today today, Emilia sat relatively quietly, engaged, as we read Julia Jarman’s Big Blue Train. She did flick some pages back and forth as we read… But she didn’t have to be coaxed to look at the pictures and… When we finished it, she wanted me to read it again… Is the camping experience so boring for a toddler that she has finally yielded to reading?

In fairness, this book has always demanded the best response of her of any book. It’s wonderfully alliterative – Cargoes for tots – and my daughter loves trains. We had even seen the miniature train at Dungeness today so perhaps we were just set up for this to work. We borrowed it in hardback from the library when I was still on my miniature mat leave and ended up buying this and Big Red Bath by the same author. I boobed and ordered it in paperback which meant enjoyment has not been forthcoming until now (although reading it aloud two days ago distracted her from whatever mischief she was intent on wreaking and lured her from the kitchen into the living room) but we would tend to only get to the farm in the book and then by clucky hen’s appearance she would be bored. Poor clucky.
But today, we read and looked at the pictures and answered questions and got all the way to the end and back again.

Anyway, I’m off for a commemorative sleep to celebrate!




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