Mine or my daughter’s, I’m not really sure but today has been a bit tough on all of us and I have the bite- scars to prove it

Monkey-face has lots of books. So many I actually don’t know what she has, which is my fault. Also my fault was seizing upon one of those electronic books that has buttons down the side that play sounds/ nursery rhymes when pushed. During our afternoon play, I spotted it and thought it a good idea to trigger some singing activity – which she loves – and link it to having fun with books. Except she wouldn’t push the button associated with a gjven nursery rhyme page nor stick to just one button. Hence four simultaneously dreadful plinky plonky e-tunes and two very irritated parents. Try infringing upon our toddler’s personal space in order to limit her self expression or play and she will literally take your arm off

The book is now hidden and will shortly meet a quick and painless demise. I can’t take it to a charity shop or risk it getting into the wider community – it’s violent enough down here as it is


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