Childhood to childhood

As a kid, I loved Dick Bruna’s Miffy, therefore one of the first books I bought for the offspring, possibly before she was even here, was a lovely boardbook, miffy: touch and feel.

It’s available from Amazon, but I bought it from my marvellous local Kirkdale books, who have a terrific children’s book collection

Like all of our books, I’ve had little success with this book, but last night, retrieved it and to my delight, on the page where Miffy goes flying with her uncle, discovered that Monkey-face knew the word “cloud.” Impressed much

I did get into a spot of bother, however as, after grabbing the Miffy soft toy that her dad bought for her 1st Christmas, she was emphatic that she wanted to give Miffy a bath, which would not have ended well for Miffy:

“Baaaf? Miffy go da baaf..? NO DADDY. BAAAF. BAAAF” which was both astonishing that she had made the connection between hardback-book-Miffy getting her swimsuit on and going in her paddling pool and soft-toy-Miffy and the bath, as well as being able to articulate this. However, there then followed a period of not-so-quiet reflection on the impact of our newfound enthusiasm for reading.

Conclusion. Reading is an astonishing gift to help make sense of and connections to our place in the world and our feelings on that matter. It will also encourage your child to think for and make decisions for themelves. Which I am told is a good thing… (although the bite marks following Miffy’s non-bath tell a different story).

For that, I’m working through Jane Nelson’s Positive Discipline


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