Product Placement

The book/ soft toy tie-ins continue apace.

Whilst colouring, yesterday, Monkey-face requested “mummy, draw miffy” after our Friday of miffy: touch of feel.

This morning, we had a very excitable read-through of a version of eric hill’s the very hungry caterpillar which always returns me to my five year-old self looking at the book in reception class.

Emilia excitedly turned the pages of the fruit caterpillar ate, faster than I could read, but in this instance she let me move back and forth and count the strawberries and oranges with her… 

We read the book through twice and then started to look at Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees, but she turned her nose up at this and zipped off to resume mimicking daddy and I sleeping on her trampoline… Not before she had taken her cue from hungry caterpillar’s eating habits and pleaded for “ake”. Fortunately for all concerned, she was appeased by porridge (“podge”).

I was recording this junior mimicry when she suddenly spotted something she wanted and tore across the room, repeating something indecipherable. The word she was saying, to my amazement, was caterpillar. I realised, astonished, that she was asking for the soft toy very hungry caterpillar, bought for her birth by her godfather, my oldest and best friend. I had no idea she had even seen it properly – only its head peeked out from the mound of toys put aside for when she is older. When I gave it to her, she pronounced “is my fluffy caterpillar”.


For Uncle Dave


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