The Art of Delegation aka Slacking

The amazing thing about handling a burgeoning workload whilst simultaneously introducing someone to reading is the fact it’s a task that, once the touchpaper has been lit, anyone can pick up the mantle of and enjoy. Unlike washing-up.

So, last night, my hero of a husband picked up another of my Seattle purchases (and tasks) and read Who’s In The Forest? by Phillis Gehrsator and Jill McDonald to the little Monkey-face. It’s another rhyming book – a style she seems most to connect with – with cutouts allowing a window connecting you both into the next page.

It was lovely to see things falling into place and the line “squirrels picking acorns to keep, keep, keep” made it a family affair. I went and gathered up the wizening acorns that Monkey-face so determinedly and obsessively collected during our Sussex glamping trip(another rare, upside of chaos or whimsy that they had not yet been disposed of.)

Despite not having seen them since we stood amongst them in our dewy field, it gave me a frisson to ask what they were and to receive the triumphant answer “ancorns, mummy.”


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