The Gift That Keeps on Giving


I  awoke today feeling like I’d slept for about five minutes. But it’s Friday and I feel as though a clearer path is ahead of me.

And Monkey-face – who often protests in an atmosphere of tension – shows she is my daughter by stepping up when people are sad. Not only did she give me the red carpet welcome when I arrived home last night, but this morning she played and teased and turned her sunlight on me full-beam.
Dressing her is often challenging – she would rather be off playing – but today she was playful instead. As I was pulling her dress over her head, she started chanting ‘party hat’ which of course derives from Big Blue Train. It took me straight back to my childhood and wearing a dress or piece of fabric around my head, to fall down my back like long locks or a princess’ medieval headdress. Odd, whimsical, fragile kid, I was!

She laughed and laughed as I repeated the extract (from memory):
“Pile in polar sit by cat
Hold on tight to your party hat.”

We hadn’t read the book in days and days (looking back over the blog entries should clear that up for me) but imagine the wonder as she ran around laughing “train, train,” the impact of a good book already reaching out to her and drawing her in.

Happy Friday


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