Word Count

I apologise for the lack of blog yesterday. We were all a bit busy and spent a day  in the sunny garden of our lovely friends.  Before we got there, we did some word-booking and dipped  in and out of a few favourites, but nothing remarkable.

Also yesterday, we bought a great little book Where’s that Duck? by Dan  Crisp whilst doing a top-up shop.

Reading it together, this morning, we had lots of entertainment Monkey-face identified the below:

  • a duck
  • a red tractor
  • a bee
  • a utterfly
  • a horsey
  • a red apple
  • a  cow
  • a mouse
  • a doggy
  • a sheep
  • a ladybird (impressive)
  • a caterpillar
  • a rabbit
  • a crot (carrot)
  • a cauliflowflow
  • a pig
  • a bird
  • a cat
  • chicken
  • a frog
  • a sheep

What a difference a few weeks can make. Today, Monkey-face also counted to 20, independently!


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