i is for iPad

I decided to mix it up a bit, being a bit bored of the books we’ve been pressing on the Monkey-face and short on time, cash and energy. I buckled under the weight of opinion on the application of, well, apps on other monkey-faces.

So I spent the money I could have spent on another book (and the time I could have spent reading a proper book) binging and googling and wotnot the “best apps for toddlers.” Monkey-face is beside herself every time she catches a glimpse of the tablet-thing because she is besotted with “cat”, a time-wasting application for which she can endlessly pour milk and so any efforts to stop having to wrestle it from her and dilute cat’s impact upon her are probably a good thing.

Mostly, I found the kiddie apps a bit uninspiring, although there are some nice Ladybird apps such as Toddler Touch and Say and Happy Babies that are reassuringly English-accented. I also downloaded some “lift the flap books” that we haven’t tried out yet because I was quite frankly bedazzled by the stunning VivaKids ABC


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