Potty Training

Potty training has stalled and the child has no interest in it other than as a receptacle for the things she finds lying around the house. Obviously, this is not ideal.
So, a little while ago I picked up a copy of I Want My Potty by Tony Ross, from Kirkdale Books. Monkey-face showed marginally less interest in the book than she showed in the object itself, but last night we tried again with the book.
It was one of our periodic date-nights (usually dinner and a glass of wine at our local whilst comparing diaries and family-planning the next quarter ahead. Hardly high-end.)
When we collected her, our antennae were pricked at her level of consciousness. For good reason. When we got home she wanted to tear around and play with alarming alertness given it was 9pm.
I steered her to the above book, which the day before she had ignored, and she calmly sat and let me read it with her. It didn’t get her to bed any earlier or ensure any of us are rested this morning, but she took her first step to abandoning nappies. This morning, after a blissful lie-in (for her) she grabbed the potty book and studied it with furrowed brow all the way to the Childminder and called out “want potty” on the page where the Princess began to accept the potty. I smiled at the sound of the trap-door slamming shut: monkey-face is now unknowingly on stage 1 of operation Potty.


Child reading I Want My Potty before leaving for the childminder, this morning. Obviously, she doesnt usually sit around wearing a hat!


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