Keeping on

As coincidence has it, I decided to raise my game in casting around for other books suitable for 2 year olds, part of the process being to follow book-related stuff on Twitter.
I happened to do this during Children’s Book Week, my ignorance of which is obvious by my lack of reference to it during this blog this week.
Happen upon it I nonetheless eventually did and I also discovered other bloggers talking about this same subject matter. I’m now following them and in awe of their beautiful-looking spaces. So much so, my own feels like a room with one chair in it. If a blog falls over in cyberspace and no-one hears it, does it exist?
I’m reminded after 10000 hours of doing something, one becomes an expert. I’m not known for my patience or sticking at things for later reward, so it’s taking some patience to remind myself I have been at this for about forty hours. 9,960 to go then.
So, I continue to learn a little bit every week and attempt to find my own path and style. I’m not doing this for fame or riches, god help me no, but to inspire my child to read, develop my own creativity and to become more mindful of monkey-face’s development. I can see that that’s already happening.
And, four readers, I’m loving it.
Happy Sunday


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