It’s been a weekend of marathon car-journeys, which isn’t much fun for Monkey-face as she suffers from travel-sickness. It also means no books or reading to while away the miles. But my husband rewarded her when we returned home last night by reading her two stories and a poem. What’s heartening is that she had gone straight to her room, pointed at the book shelf and requested “book, book.” I never ever tire of this breakthrough.

She sat patiently whilst husband read Giraffes Can’t Dance, Crazy Hair and The Dangerous  Alphabet (also by Neil Gaiman) and then came quietly when he took her to bed.
This morning was a bit rushed after our late return home but she picked up one of her new books: Shark in the Park by Nick Sharratt, one of the recommendations I read about during Children’s Book Week.20111010-082155.jpg
It’s a boardbook (which is a bonus), but that rare of boardbook with an actual story, wit and great clear pictures with lots to discuss. I think this book has legs! I can’t wait until we are both shouting:

“There’s a SHARK IN THE PARK!!!”


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