Do adjust your set

I don’t think it’s a great shock to anyone to announce I’m aware I have impossible expectations of myself and that this of course impedes performance.

I’m ashamed to admit it’s only dawned on me recently that the most difficult part of parenting (or one of them) is to treat your child with the same care and consideration as you would anyone who isn’t you. That is to say, to not treat them as you treat yourself.

Impossible expectations undoubtedly hampered my early attempts at reading with my child and possibly doing anything with my child. Over- disciplining, caring too much that other people would think I’m not in control of my child (haha, who is?), projecting impossible age-inappropriate expectations onto her…

Thanks to Jane Nelson’s books on discipline, I’ve been slowly getting it, but yesterday it clicked.
Her progress and joy in reading is testament to the growing we are doing together.
Grateful every day.

For my mum, a fantastic, loving person whose grandparenting constantly shows me how to parent


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