All this and a little bit more

My love for Neil Gaiman is deep.

Last night I re-discovered Blueberry Girl: sentimental, beautiful, joyous, hopeful, wise. A wish for Tori Amos’ then unborn child.

I read it when mydaughter was still a babe in arms, but as I read it aloud as she ran around, last night, it took on a new resonance at the end of a disappointing day:

“Ladies of light and ladies of darkness

And ladies of never-you-mind

This is a prayer for a blueberry girl,

First, may you ladies be kind”

A lyrical, up-lifting book that perfectly captures all you would wish for those you love.

Tori Amos’ daughter is one lucky thing. Would that we all  had Neil Gaiman for a godparent,  wagging his finger at the forces of evil…

“Help her to help herself

Help her to stand

Help her to lose and to find

Teach her we’re only as big as our dreams

Show her that fortune  is blind”


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