Silver linings

Isn’t it funny how your days work out?

Today I left my car-keys in the door of the boot and went off to work. I realised, came home straight away, and mercifully my keys (and car) were still there. This was, obviously, very unwelcome. (But not as unwelcome as leaving a car with the keys in it unattended in South East London.) In the course of the anxiety-ridden trip and return to work, I managed to take a call I would otherwise not have taken, help someone else out AND find two new gorgeous books in the fantastic Kirkdale Books  whilst waiting to get my train back into town. I picked up Sometimes and Me. Both books are by Emma Dodd, with beautiful illustrations and gorgeous gulp-inducing text. Absolutely delicious treats they are, and I couldn’t wait to be able to get home and read them to her.

Despite rocking-up at home about 10 minutes before her bedtime, she instantly took to the books and was happily looking at the wonderful photograph of lots and lots of penguins.

Right up to the point she decided to roll her Ninky Nonk over them back and forth.

” …and I am small

But you are big and you are kind

When I’m with you, I do not mind” 

Daddy & Monkey-face reading Shark in the Park together


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