Marathon Monday

We arrived home from my birthday weekendathon quite late in the day. Monkey-face spent the last hour narrowly avoiding travel sickness and looked delighted as we turned into our drive. As If we were in any doubt, she burst into applause and shouted “hello home!”
The very minute we got inside she ran to her bedroom and pointed at her shelf of books. Even before dinner, she had asked – by name – for Giraffes Can’t Dance and Crazy Hair and been read both. After dinner, she asked for “elephant” and “penguin”: respectively, “Sometimes” and “Me“. At the end of “elephant,” today, she was flicking through the pictures and on the final page repeated “muv you.” I didn’t realise, but when I looked down at the page, I realised that “I love you” are the last words on the last page. Less than 40 days ago, monkey-face would not read with us at all and now, in such a short space of time, she’s wanting us to read and reread multiple books to her. It’s astonishing how quickly things change.
After a second evening’s read of Giraffes Cant Dance, monkey-face was told “milk then bed”, to which she immediately replied “I know, daddy!”
Give me a child, I will show you the teenager.


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