Bad habits

Biting my nails, thinking I’m rubbish, working past midnight and blogging in bed. And moaning. All my bad habits. Well, the edited highlights at least.
My good habits are, however, blogging at all and making sure I spend some reading time with Monkey-face every day, no matter how small. I’m so glad of that because it cheers me up immeasurably.
Being on fast-forward, developmentally, there is a new response to books every day and she is resolutely asking for her favourites without even seeing them, which is just wonderful. Before I shuffled off into my little pen to work until I could no longer see, the monkeyface was connecting emotions such as happy and sad from sometimes ( a book she simply calls elephant being about elephants). She also showed recognition of the small elephant being the child and the big elephant being the parent. Nothing gives me greater pleasure each day…


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