Getting by

I’ve been a bad blogger. It’s been 2 days since my last upload.

In a period familiar to many working parents (and trainers/ instructional designers alike), I have been feeding just enough pennies into the slots of life that need them in order to get by. But for a long time most things have been running on fumes. My home is, very actually, running on the noxious gases seeping from the bins, the fridge and any crevice that might be harbouring god-knows-what. The body has mostly been powered by 4 hours sleep, tea and Caitlin Moran’s How To Be A Woman during the commute to work. If I ever meet Caitlin, I’m likely to embarrass us both with my girl-crush and by my showering her with wet kisses of gratitude. Because mostly I’ve been powered by 50 minutes-a-day of helpless laughter. 50 minutes a day of Caitlin Moran has stood between me sticking my head in the oven. At least the family would have had something to eat.

But, despite this, yesterday was awesome. It started badly: husband leaving early to get the train due to a very naughty, malfunctioning bike and monkey-face objecting to this loudly, painfully and unconsolably. I had a huge teeth-shaped welt on my face for a large part of the morning to prove it. An impossible mountain to climb to complete my CRM training materials. Tears on the train. But. Powered through the material I had to get through. My gorgeous team at work threw a surprise birthday lunch-date with chocolate cake and candles that made me laugh so loud that I accidentally blew my candles out. And I collected my daughter in a fantastic mood (both of us), arriving home to still more gifts and a Carl Larsson post-card to the monkey from my wonderful friend who’s visiting Sweden. It made my day to hear from her and for Monkey-face to receive her first postcard. It was about a book that I must track down. My friend and I have a rich history talking about books and art and it has been wonderful to begin that dialogue anew with her.

I parked the work for a few hours and Monkey-face and I read and read. She has started memorising pages and it was such fun to hear her “reading” bits from each page that take you a small window of time to decipher. I realised she was repeating “Timthy Pope, Timthy Pope” and she can also point out and say “microscope!”

My favourite however, was when we got to the page with Timothy’s dad and his enormous quiff (that Timothy, who isn’t too bright, mistakes for a shark through his microscope. Perhaps his dad needs to stop letting him watch Jaws until he is a bit older. I’ve still never seen Jaws past 3 minutes in and the body on the beach. So maybe there is a lesson there.)

Monkey-face pointed at Timothy’s old rocker of a dad’s hair and it took me a few seconds to realise she was saying: “CRAZY HAIR”


Happy Friday, all


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