Shot in the arm

It’s a beautiful, soul-warming autumn day and I’m blogging on my iPhone in one of my favourite London places, Crystal Palace Park, in the shadow of the transmitter that to me has all the romance of the Eiffel Tower because it signifies home and happy days like this chilling in the park with my husband and my daughter.

Today I have a full and happy heart. I’ve spent fifteen hours thinking about things I want to think about, seeing my oldest, dearest friend and watching my daughter fall in love with him too. (I’ve known him since I was only a year older than my daughter is now.)And reading.

My friend is a gifted and inspired teacher and human being and he came armed with books. How could he know this was the quickest way to Monkeys affections, but it was. Daughter had a delicious evening demanding to be read to from her burgeoning book pile and I think we all loved it. Each of us were emerging from our own ordeals and so wine, laughter, reading and blog- evangelising (and a bit of Andrew Lincoln zombie action) did the power of good.
Sat in my little part of London, having had the luxury of a fantastic Friday evening and TIME, I feel extraordinary lucky to have this life

For uncle Dabid. The best of the best of the best. Sir.



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