Dance to a different Song

Photography, like social networking, works like a diary for me. I’m so in my head most of the time, that without it I wouldnt have a clue about my day beyond the previous hour or so. Blogging and photography helps for me to be a little more balanced in my reflections.

Nothing evidences this more than the juxtaposition between my blog and the 200+ photographs I took in the course of the last 24 hours. Yesterday’s writings are the end-of-day considerations of someone tired, upset and perhaps a bit beaten. If you had never read the blog or spoken with me and reviewed only the pictures on my cameras, you would never believe that what I wrote about and the photographs were from the same day.

My camera shows a child who – aside from her NCT party – spent most of yesterday reading and reading and reading, from the time she awoke to the time she laid down her precious, sore head. Instead of pleading for tv, my camera reminds me she now begs we read her whatever book she is stood before us offering. Her current obsession is Giraffes Can’t Dance, but she’s also really taken with the Meg and Mog book bought by Uncle Dabid. Sitting in the children’s A&E waiting room, she happily looked at Jan Pienkowski’s beautiful vibrant images that never fail to transport me back to my 4 year old gaze falling on the same book at infant school.

Meg and Mog Go to A&E

Yesterday, we read Giraffe’s Can’t Dance at least 6 times. My husband knows it by heart. Granted, it’s a beautiful book and story, with stunning illustrations. But on days like yesterday, we weren’t really paying attention. Just saying the words and pointing at the pictures, admittedly rather absently.

I read it again this morning with her. Twice. I don’t know why, but in this morning’s subdued mood in the wake of death and loss and sadness and shock, I really made an effort to actually enter into the spirit of the book with her. Despite having read it many many many many many times, this morning something resonated very powerfully.

“Sometimes when you’re different, you just need a different song …We all can dance when we find music that we love”


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