Success comes in many forms

As it is almost another day and there are things to be said, it seems fair to write my second blog of the day. Especially taking into account there is no hope at all of blogging tomorrow. Even my diary needs a PA.

When I started my mission to press gang daughter into reading, I am not sure I had thoughts of what success would look like, which is a bit off considering I spend all day every day deciphering training requests and haranguing the requestors to explain to me what the outcome of successful training objectives would be… Oh well.
Whatever I had in mind, I didn’t think it would mean reading the same books over and over and over during the same day! I didn’t think tv and DipDap would actually be forgotten all about. I didn’t think there would be ACTUAL TANTRUMS if ‘Giraffe’ isn’t read within a New York minute. I didn’t think there would be demands for books with dinner, reading next to the plate and refusal to eat without the book. I didn’t foresee a stern little chat with the childminder at pick-up time because MF insists on picking the book at story time. Tonight she wasn’t allowed to do so, and another child bore the brunt of her frustration. Oops. The kid now has it bad for books. We did have a slight variation tonight in that we also wanted/ needed/ had to have “happy box.”

Be careful indeed what you wish for. Maybe it’s time to switch the TV back on for a bit!


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