Spooky goings on

Life with a toddler is often peppered with the feeling that something spooky is going on: where on earth did they learn that? How can they do that? Amazing! It’s magic!

Every day, your life with a toddler is transformative and it’s hard not to see a world full of opportunity and hope and second-chances. It’s good medicine for the hard-bitten, however hard life is.

I wasn’t raised to celebrate Hallowe’en and actually we frowned on it a bit. I’ve a husband panicking today that we’re sending our Monkey-face off in a skeleton costume and is now undertaking furious objectioneering, as I refer to it. “Who will we offend?” – and more desperately “Is it fire-proof?” the latter being met with a frank response. He should have just left the Monkey-face to it as she began disrobing of her own accord and swamped her skeleton hat for a probably less itchy ladybird skull-cap. The world’s first homosapien-ladybird hybrid.

Husband has a point (and she isn’t going to the church-group today, I would never have dared send her in Hallowe’en garb there. A bit like rocking up at Midnight mass with my step-mother-in-law who insisted on wearing her Santa hat at our local High Church AND taking communion. The glares burned hotter than Hell, I can assure you. True story)

Anyway, MF HAS gone in her skeleton suit to childcare as a) I haven’t had time to iron her clothes for the week yet and b) any excuse to dress up a toddler in polyester and feed them sugar whilst in someone else’s care works for me.

Later we’ll be reading Meg and Mog. In the interest of balance, I may also read her a bible story. Or maybe that’s more appropriate for tomorrow: All Saint’s Day.

Happy Hallowe’en!



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