I’m at my mum’s with Monkey face after a day of two halves.
The first half was exacting yet mostly successful. I spent a number of hours conference calling in pjs after five hours’ sleep, then hurtling around to wash up, tidy up, pack clothes, snacks and books for Monkeyface and about 2 things for myself, and answer my email, all within an hour. It was a todo list of miracles, yet my will was done and I largely brought these things to pass. Which is probably way, after I collected MF and we flew across town, I made it on board with 2 mins to spare before the train pulled out. 20 mins before arrival into my home town station, I discovered that it is in fact one whole hour earlier than I had first thought. I was still careering about on CET. Oops.

I stood for the 2 hour journey and used a fair dazzling array of tactics to prevent her from melting down include Snail and the Whale, Gino the Giraffe on iPad, a croissant au chocolat, Incy wincy spider, wind the bobbin, raisins, talking to other toddlers and face-pulling. All quite successful (although i had her at pain au chocolat, to be honest.) But nothing got the desired effect until her eyes fell upon nanny. Hell, I never get that response!

Safe at mums, where I can get some rest before the onslaught recommences, nanny read with MF for the first time and it was lovely to behold, like watching your own childhood as an out of body experience. Great skills.

Equally lovely, mum fished out another much loved book: the Bero book – my childhood’s culinary soundtrack. It was stirring to see it again. She and MF baked fairy cakes together from it, with offspring stirring up and licking the spoon (I had to coach her on this first.) Books and cakes.
Way to go nanny.



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