Sleep, bumps and pretty lights

I’ve not been in a great way and ordered to rest by my nearest and dearest for a few days.

I do feel a bit better now, despite our version of rest means a teething child waking intermittently only to demand coming to bed with you and kicking you in the throat repeatedly. Essentially, I’ve been on noone else’s clock. I haven’t had to be anywhere pressing or do anything and I’ve had my lovely mum to help with Monkey-face.

We read the Snail and the Whale this morning before heading to meet an old school friend and her lovely children who live ten minutes from mum and who met us with a landslide of books.

Then we tripped a further five minutes to the library I used with my mum as a child. Even now, it holds dear memories and respect for the impressive services it offered. Entering with my offspring, I didn’t really know what to expect of the place all these years later. But I was bowled over by the friendly staff and the children’s area, which was bright and buzzy with animal chairs and – most importantly – row upon row of great books that excited me still as an adult. The library sets no borrowing limits, so there I stood, rifling through Mick Inkpen and Julia Reynolds and ladybird classics whilst MF installed herself on a chair and busied herself with Snow Babies.
It was wonderful to retred happy steps to a place that held so much significance for me and to see my daughter enjoy being there too. She now has her own library card for whenever she is here with my mum


We spent an easy afternoon reading our selections: The Opposite, by Tom McCrae and Elena Odriozola; Box of Tricks by Katie Cleminson.
Our favourites were:
Foxly’s Feast by Owen Davey
Meg & Mog Touch and Feel Counting Book by Helen Nicollet and Jan Piekowski and
I’m Sure I Saw a Dinosaur by Jeanne Willis and Adrian Reynolds.

Being Bonfire Night, the day wasn’t without bumps and a few bangs. Husband was at a fortieth celebration in the South East representing all of us as I was just too exhausted to go to and our car was pranged by a well known high street supermarket lorry making a delivery. But he was uninjured. Only our car bears the brunt. MonkeyFace fell asleep before peak fireworks time and was rudely awakened just as they started. There followed a meltdown

 remarkable in that it was as spectacular and technicolour as the arsenal bursting into flower above our heads.
As it was dry and mild and so we went to a free display in the shadow of the town’s medieval castle, just as I had done with my mum. She loved it.
The day didn’t pan out as we thought it would, but what welcome rest and play we had together.

For auntie Helen. We wish you the happiest of days


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