Domestic Goddess

So what does bookandbed do when giddy on love and life and she wants to tickle the universe under the chin at 330am?

Firstly she wakes her husband, then quickly moves on because they aren’t quite as pleaed to see her at that time.

Then she gets up, inspired to Crack On.

I’ve blogged (twice). I’ve photographed my sleeping child. I’ve made a replica birthday card of the one I sent to Cbeebies a month ago. I’ve uploaded this year’s annual contenders for the family Christmas card, which I know makes me sound like some demented twinset wearer but a) I’ve 50000 photos of the MonkeyFace and b) it’s the only hope I have to stay in contact with people. The postcard from my social life tells me things are hopelessly out of control

But now the Monkey is awake. It’s book and day time


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