The best things in life

I’ve a lovely warm glow that only comes from half a bottle of a nice red, Christmas or your family.

Today, the three of us were together and both of my daughters’ grandmothers present, so it was special. My daughter’s face when she saw her dolls’ house: deferential, disbelieving, validating it was for her made me gulp. She was two and she seemed to KNOW she was fortunate. She seemed almost grateful. 

I saw the same look on her face as she sat eating her lunch, looking at one after the other of us and saying “Mummy. Daddy. Grandma. Nanny. Charlie. MIMI.”That our very presence and attention excited her. She gazed at us, one by one with the same excitement she displayed when she saw her first present.  It was humbling to see that she knew we were all there for her. The look on her face will stay with me for a very long time.

Monkey-face has been gifted a raft of new books and I love that the blog is inspiring our friends and family to keep us reading and finding new experiences, that they like finding their books and Monkey-Face’s reaction to them immortalised in our little musings.

Today, amongst others, we received a Lost and Found popup book by Oliver Jeffers as well as a lovely book by Mick Inkpen, The Blue Balloon, from my wonderful, generous cousin and her husband.

Tomorrow is her birthday and I was worried that it would be underwhelming for her after today. How silly I was. She needs only our love and attention.

I’ve held back books from US for tomorrow. The simplest things, the things she loves most, the things that are utterly portable and allow us to show her, anytime, anywhere, that we love her and she is special


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