Bright New Day

It’s 5 degrees here in Milan and white as  Saint Nick’s beard. I hadn’t really prepared for Milanese winter, but I’m warm enough and dashing off a few lines before I dash off proper.

I’ve just skyped with my husband but not with Monkeyface or my mum. They’re still sleeping.My husband  and I of course are not. Anything about 5 hours seems entirely reasonable these days. Our haggard faces tell a different story. I’ve forgotten to pack  foundation. Or deodorant. But the fact I’ve had 2 hours sleep makes the lack  of foundation  more of an emergency. I looklike  an extra from The Walking Dead.

My flight does  not land at Heathrow until nine pm tonight, fog willing, which means an earliest arrival home of 11pm. Earliest. So, no  chance of booking before bed  with Monkeyface. But she is surrounded by love and readers and she has story time each daywith her  childminder. Tomorrow there will be extra bookandbed.


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