First, apply book

Yesterday saw the last two training sessions, give or take, of the project that has consumed anyone within its proximity. At its conclusion yesterday, I almost wept in relief.
I came home in such a nonfunctioning state, I decided to bring out the big guns. Cue a lunch of fish and veggies, a bath and a book to reprogramme my misfiring brainbox.
I finished Nigel Slater’s Toast which did the trick nicely, benefitting enormously from the juxtaposition of simultaneously remembering and forgetting. The book left me envious of his easy, evocative style but left me warm, admiring and mentally refreshed. Never underestimate the restorative power of a bath or a book. Combined, they are penicillin and Prozac. Later came wine, curry and chocolate and unconsciousness on the sofa, and I can tell you that there is no alternative to Nurofen in this instance.
When Monkeyface came home, yesterday, she had also had a difficult day, still having yet to take delivery of her final four back molars. I’m grateful that they are trying to make an appearance now, rather than a week ago, as my project ends. A teething child on top of everything else would have pushed us all over the edge. Bringing forth teeth is, I imagine, something like delivering a child. For Monkeyface it’s labour. False starts, vomiting, discomfort and euphoria at the end result. Plus everyone has an opinion on what you should be doing to relieve the difficulties. (I’m a hypnobirther so refrain from using the word pain. I also ended up with an elective C section so have no first hand experience of natural childbirth so should probably shut up on the subject.)
And so it is we have been cuddled and curled up on the sofa since dawn, as Monkeyface struggles with her teething cold that leaves her heaving and retching and vomiting. In between, there are books. There has been That’s Not My Fairy and Dog Loves Books and When, that have each soothed and preoccupied and amused.
We are two very different people with two different sets of realities to escape, but for both of us, today, love and books will get us through.

Get well soon, gorgeous girl


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