Make blog not war

Wow. Feeling like a new person today despite a few months of a schedule that would put Thatcher to shame, a couple of nights of wine consumption and a cold acquired from the Monkeyface. The difference is from the mental holiday, some respite from the demands of work and some time – the first in quite some time – for people other than those displaying a lanyard.
Last night we met up with family and caught up, laughed and ate at a pace more becoming to the civilised world. And whilst I ordered a tiramisu sundae, what arrived was actually a black forest gateau sundae. If you aren’t from the midlands, you won’t understand how that is possible. I think, in the Midlands, it would save time and expense to just quit the pretence that other desserts exist. But yum.
This morning, I awoke to watch my daughter stirring and shared the rare joy of each being the first thing the other claps eyes on. The shared wide grins, the unspoken jokes played on each other made up for all of those absences.
This morning we have read and a first book tantrum has been had. I loce that she has taken to Foxly’s feast: a beautiful, warm and knowing book about assumptions. Foxly’s imagined knife and fork are actually him (or her) issuing invitations to his fruit and veg feast to lots of cute critters – but of course you assume they are being invited to BE lunch. There was mild book throwing and some pleading to be read the book that was all appeased by some gentleness and a look at the book again.
We’re on our way now to the National Forest in seasonal fog. The world looks beautiful and peaceful and I am feeling much more chilled than a few days ago, when my mood was faintly murderous. As my cousin said: open books, open minds.
Have a great day.



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