A book a day

We all woke up relatively rested and of good humour, today. Which makes a nice change

Monkey-face was cavorting about with her chalk-board and doll’s house not long after waking. It is always nice when your kids appreciate the fripperies you’ve bought them with your hard-earned wedge. Even nicer when they are asking you for books.

This morning, Monkey-face was  chattering away to herself before I realised she was saying:

“Each Peach Pear Plum, I spy Tom Thumb..”

Then she asked:  “Where’sTom Thumb?”

So we had an  impromptu bookandnobed session before we headed off to the  childminder. In her bug,  on the way there she was emphatic about what her needs were:

“where’s  my book?!” I  handed over an emergency Moomins  buggy board book that is now far too young for her and non a little secondhand. But she studied the pages and proudly announced “I’m reading”

That you are.


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