I’ve slacked off again over the last few days – please forgive me. The usual frustrations continue, but I’ve managed to be productive even if it doesn’t look it!

We have had fun amongst the mayhem and been opportunistic – grabbing downtime, lunch together, sleep and creating Christmas where we can.
We have also done a bit of reading ;D
today I had an idea for Christmas shenanigans which involved a lot of hand and foot painting (and a change of clothes!) and a very happy toddler!


Tonight, we all lay on the floor together and read The Snail and the Whale which we really love and attempted Beegu by Alex Deakin – more for us than her and which was too ambitious. She repeatedly lay on the book and ran through her repertoire of sleeping. Very bookandbed.

At the end of Me by Emma Dodd, Monkeyface rolled nonchalantly on her side and said “mummy, daddy. I muv you. So much.”



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