Santa’s Little Helper

Tonight’s bookandbed offering will be brief as (insert your own violin strings) I am feeling decidedly odd. Hot toddies, water bottles and offers of babysitting – apply here.

Earlier this evening, we ploughed ahead with Operation Christmas and I selected How Santa Really Works by Alan Snow and Maggie Bateson from our burgeoning bookshelf. This book came to us via Uncle Dabid’s sister, Beth, and her lovely family as a Christening gift for the Monkeyface a little over a year ago. To call it a pop-up would be like describing LiveAid as Quite a Big Gig. (If you are under 35, please do not message me to ask “what’s LiveAid?”) It’s a feat of paper engineering and really very cool. I must have been feeling brave to venture looking at it with the Monkeyface, and she was not left unsupervised with it, but she was expecially taken with Santa’s house and proceeded to traipse Tombliboo Oo up and down the stairs in Santa’s house for about an hour, despite having a doll’s house bigger than her with which she could march plastic figures up and downstairs in an attempt to replicate our twice daily activities. (Tombliboo Oo however appears not to have tempers in the stairwells I notice however.)

So, Tombliboo Oo now seems to feature quite heavily in our Santa paper art. Not sure about your Christmas merchandising, but any In the Night Garden Figurines appearing?

Makka Pakka getting stuck down chimneys? Upsy Daisy cooing over a crib in Bethlehem? Perhaps Tombliboo Oo will oust Rudolph as Santa’s little helper, the 9th reindeer.

Now I am just delirious, huh?

But the book is intact and we now know who Santa is. Mission accomplished


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