On the fifth day of Christmas…

bookandbed had quite a job to do, today, posting a backlog of blog posts on account of being too busy with Christmas-stuff at the weekend to blog. Hmmm

So preoccupied that I left my work laptop beneath a pile of (unwritten) Christmas cards today after Monkeyface fell asleep on my lap last night watching Ice-Age. Her first movie.

She was awake before me this morning, at 530am. When I finally stirred, she was to be found, with daddy, in the living room watching children’s tv and eating her breakfast. She was especially loving this morning and wanted to dance about the room and read Whose in the Forest and MonkeyPuzzle. She only wanted me to play with her, which is unusual as she is totally wrapped in her daddy, so I yielded gladly.

Yes, I forgot my laptop and yes my morning went a little unexpectedly, but it’s a bright day out there. Roses were smelled and we all went off in our various directions a bit happier, a little readier for the week, emotionally, and for once, feeling that parenting wasnt the bottom of the pile.

Have a great week



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