On the third day of Christmas

What a wonderful, bright December this is setting out to be.
Wonderfully, Monkeyface forgot all about her BiCYCLE!!!!!!! and was happy snuggling and cuddling with us this morning.

As is traditional, we headed to Westfield (Stratford) on the train, where Monkeyface sat good as gold and curiously commanded a fair audience by being so generally toddler like and extremely malleable. It was tremendously satisfying to see her sat, neatly and patiently – on her own train seat.

Stratford Westfield was – I am afraid – very disappointing. West London’s Westfield is infinitely better, excepting the absence of a John Lewis, which IS great, I hasten to add.

John Lewis is the highlight of any shopping trip anywhere and as it was take your child to a bookshop day (or something like that) and I failed to get her into our local bookshop on account or tearing for the train, we did take your daughter to John Lewis book department instead. It’s nearly the same thing. There, I bought MonkeyFace Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson, having seen it when a friend’s son brought along a pile of books to share with her and I liked the drawings a great deal.

Is it miserable to say that I prefer other JD children’s books, though? There are a few phrases that feel a bit forced and – is it me – but a few sections where the grammar’s a little lumpy?

But, Monkey was instantly taken aback by the sentimentality on the first page and – on first reading at least – she kept revisiting it and declaring, a little upset “monkey’s sad – where Monkey’s mummy?” oops

We’ve been reading it for a few days since then and she’s come to terms with it. Now it’s the ending – where monkey and his mummy are reunited – she wants to endlessly revisit.

Monkeys, John Lewis and trains. Win.



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