On the seventh day, even God took a break…

And lo there came apps to help us out of our reading rut.

There comes a time when children’s development can feel like it’s stalling a bit. For me, hothousing the alphabet can feel a bit laborious. I’ve lots of books, flashcards and we chalk and crayon and write out letters. But it can feel a bit uninspiring. For purists such as my dad who can’t understand the power and freedom of ebooks, technology will always feel like an extension of TV as babysitter.

My daughter loves my iPad* (other tablets are available ;D) but I haven’t seen much to persuade me of its merits other than as a toy and distraction for her until I saw VivaKids’ ABC app. I fell in love with (and blogged about it) a few months ago. But tonight, my daughter wouldn’t leave it alone and was mesmerised by the app’s capacity to let her “draw” the letters. It’s one of the most beautiful apps I have ever seen: inspiring and engaging even for adults. It’s a pleasure to play with it and it’s visuals are almost tactile.

If you iPad and (unlike my husband) allow your kid anywhere near yours, you must download this to help you teach the alphabet.

Tomorrow, we’re back to reading. Maybe…


Technically, it’s the eighth day, but ABC VivaKids have saved my skin since 430am when the Monkey awoke, tired and crotchety from another round of teething. She’s currently drawing put the letters and making up her own funny letter songs. “b b b b b bbbbb b” is by all accounts hilarious.



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