Cat got your tongue?

It’s been days and days since I wrote and days and days since we read. The cat has had my tongue.

I arrived home late feeling sick with exhaustion (part project, part Monkeyface middle of the night shenanigans) to be greeted with “hi mummy, missed you”

Her excitement was better than any hit I have known. We thrilled each other and when I picked her up to cuddle and give her milk before bed, we felt as one.
There was a neat little stack of books on the floor and mrbookandbed informed me that she had read Otto the book bear twice, I want my hat back, and Dear Santa.

Daughter was thrilled to tell me what Santa was up to and was keen to read Otto again. After genuinely heartfelt affection, love and full throttle attention for only fifteen minutes, I felt more had passed between us than can do so all weekend when there is so much to do


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