And she blew blew blew blew blew…

bookandbed has been varry vary noooowwwwty…

It’s not you, it’s me.

There are 3 shopping days ’til Christmas and I still have a number of gifts to purchase; a book to read for book-group; cheese, bread and olives to source for our book-group soiree; webex to reacquaint myself with; a ten minute presentation to build; friends to meet and children to take to Santa; Christmas food to shop for; Christmas food to cook; friends to drink with; a best friend to get to and  stay over with; a mother-in-law to collect and a great-grandma (my husband’s) to visit. All to be completed before Christmas Eve lunch. Oh and four out-of-control projects to beat to submission…

In the midst of this, I’ve been a very bad mother. No reading together at all for about a week – the longest stretch of silence since I began blogging. I’m at pains to state she HAS been reading with her childminder/ childcatcher and her grandmother

That’s the sound of the runaway train coming down the hill blowing…


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