End as you mean to go on…

Hello all. It’s been quite a while since I took my unintended sabbatical from bookandbedding for which I apologise profusely to you all as well as to my daughter. However, it’s today we make all our entreaties, that tomorrow we will being again, newer, fresher, smarter, fitter and more loving. I love my bookandbedding, therefore, it made sense to me, that if one intends to do better, what better place to start than now?

I’ve long disliked New Year, but since I vacated the podiums of London’s subterrannea in favour of eating and drinking too much I’ve pretty much abandoned all observation of the festivities. I’ve spent whole nights dancing feet from Sasha and Digweed’s five-hour set, been dragged from clubs crying, because I didnt want the night to end and forgotten how to walk home. The very, very best of times. I’m perfectly happy now watching a toddler’s sleeping head and clutching something warming because after packing away the Party Girl, I love Christmas. But my Christmas this year was somewhat derailed. My house has been overrun by family, pets and inlaws, mostly happily, and my daughter has been navigating a small landslide of gifts that genuinely took her 48 hours to open. Next year, visitors will be frisked upon entry to ensure they are carrying no more than 2 presents for the Monkeyface.

Amidst the plastic and landfill-destined packaging, there were some books. My mother in law gifted MonkeyFace a book beloved of her dad as a child which was a really wonderful, thoughtful touch and left us all a little moist of eye. It’s a little old for her and her patience doesnt yet stretch to books of that length, but it’s great to know a legacy awaits their future bedtimes. I bought her, somewhat illadvisedly, a Leapfrog reading pal that so far only serves to drive us both up the wall (MonkeyFace just wants to switch it on and off repeatedly) and we are just reading the books together instead.

New Year is about second chances but for me 2011 already presented me with many many. A chance to rebuild a life somehow resembling something my younger self would have imagined for me. A happy, balanced relationship with the people I love. All of them. And a child who finally loves books.

Thank you 2011. Happy New Year each and every one of you/


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