Sound the blog alert…

The eyes are the window into your soul.
The skin and tongue reflect your body’s health.
So this blog reflects my work life balance.
It’s very easy to allow the blog to become another source of stress – another thing to tick off. Another thing to complete.

But part of my reason for starting the blog was to provide me with a big mirror from which I cannot hide. When my head is where it should be, blogging is easy with eyes closed, sort of thing.

When one area of my life has spilled over, I can feel my mind scrambling around for what I’m thinking.
Truthfully reader, I do not know when I last read to Monkeyface. The nearest we have come to literacy is calling out numbers on the back of buses and reading the numbers and letters off some taxi cab business cards pushed through the letter box.
It’s not a great state to be in.

But. I’m aware of if. I’m not hiding from the blog. Let The recent gaping holes in my updates stand as testament to my absolute unwillingness to maintain the status quo and to continue finding that balance. That I’m blogging onehanded via iPhone on a late, overcrowded train sat outside Victoria whilst literally clinging onto a millimetre of handrail with two fingers should evidence this.

Say it loud, say it louder: you cannot do it all, all of the time. Choosing to do that for kicks, just to push yourself a bit is great. The compulsion – or drive – to run a marathon every day is mental illness.
Here ye, here ye


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