Book wars

I’m waiting desperately and not all that patiently for sleep to wrestle me into submission. Alas, drums fingers, bookandbed does not appear to have had her card marked.

So, I’m musing over the last 24 hours and how Monkeyface is slowly becoming reacquainted with reading. I’ve noticed that after every round of celebrations, it takes a week or two for her to get over playing with her new toys and resume getting interested in books.

The last few days, whilst asking for books, she has quickly lost interest and skipped over hugs swathes of story. The trick is not to get into a battle with her and to let her skip to the end. She’ll then let you read again at the proper pace. She’s like the book police – frisking it quickly for anything hazardous and then permitting monitored book reading.she’s also pretending to read a book herself.


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