Quality Time

Finally! Quality time spent with the child in a drastic and much-needed attempt to restore balance, switch my head off from obsessing about WHATINTHENAMEOFHECKAMIGOINGTO CHOOSETODO and ohyes, read.

Read we have. There are books everywhere. I feel guilty because she has that crazed look in her eye. The one that says “I must drag every inch of playing out of mummy before she gets distracted again and I’m left playing for hours with a stick and a muddy puddle.” She’s dragged every toy from every inch of the flat she can muster. She doesnt normally do this so – of course – it’s all taken as a sign of how neglected and little played with she is.

I’ve dragged out books we haven’t read in ages and it’s really heartening to see that she’s picked up a few new favourites. She’s really loving Big Red Bath (Big Blue Train was one of her early baby favourites – in fact the first book to truly “grab” her) and she is bemused by Book Eating Boy. But in reality it’s way over her head at the moment.

I’m just delighted it’s such an easy way to connect with her and show her love and attention.


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