Just Say No

So, we hit the hay at 830pm last night, en famille, and boy were we smart. Monkeyface was awake and hotter than an oven by 2am. Fortunately, I managed to Calpol her this time and she eventually went back to sleep, waking only at 9am.

So, she didnt make it to her childminder (my choice), I didnt make it to my GP appointment, but this meant I was able to keep her temperature under control and keep fluids and food in her.

I’m pretty tired, considering the last few days have been a marathon by anyone’s standards. But MF has been fantastic today. We’ve played and laughed and she’s been great at letting me get some work done, overall. She’s sleeping now, and like me she talks in her sleep. She’s asking me to “open it,” eyes clamped shut. I think she’s dreaming about her dollshouse.

Meantime, I’ve given some thought to my working life and I’ve been anxious that I have chosen to make this the change, only for me to go and repeat my working patterns in my new role. I’m been anxious about this: what if I make this change only for the problem to continue to be me? Well. I had an opportunity today to see if I could change and so I tried it on for size. I said no. Woohoo!

Next week my husband has a looooohohooot of work to do. So it’s my turn to look after the child all the hours, whilst he completes his contractual obligations (hence adopting Zammo’s theme tune and Just Saying No). I’m looking forward to reading lots with MF in this coming week, so I’ve taken the lead from designmom, whom I am frankly cyberstalking. She’s listed out Amazon’s Picture Books of 2011 (missing Jon Klassen’s “I Want My Hat Back”) and I’ve gone and bought the lot. Just say yes!

I’m very excited to get my hands on this, which was excitedly being blogged about at the end of 2011.


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