Love Monster

A few nights ago, having spontaneously decided to meet friends after work for supper straight after work, I realised that mrbookandbed might forget to bring supplies with him to keep her occupied at table. Any excuse really, but I dashed into the WH Smith at Victoria Station, on my way to meet them and spent far too much money on sticker books and picture books. My dear friend calls herself a time optimist and I have the same affliction. Hurtling around, I’m always leaving without certain pivotal items. So now, as a parent, I’m piling up wax crayons and colouring books and actual boks in the same way that my pre-parenting self did mobile phone chargers, make-up, tights, jewellry, clothes, shoes and perfume. Yes, perfume. I really did have 50 bottles, because I would discover that – on my way out somewhere – I’d forgotten to put any on. Yes, I really did. Is it any surprise that consumer spend has plummetted in the last two years? It was me keeping us all afloat.

Anyway, one of Tuesday’s purchases, causing me to miss my train, was Rachel Bright’s Love Monster. It’s beguiling central character is a raggedy-toothed monster, out of place among the kittens and puppies and other eye-candy in the cute world he inhabits.

My daughter was immediately taken with the book. I fear she doesnt give a jot about the story, but is really taken with the Monster – probably because we’ve been making her laugh by pulling monster faces and trying to look like him. But it’s a start, right?

I also found this cute promo vid for the book when it was released…




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