Making the most of our morning

After Balloongate, I havent dared attempt to read Blue Balloon again just yet, but we have been reading Love Monster.

This morning we also read Sharing A Shell by her amazingness, Julia Donaldson and had some nice together time before another hat and gloves tantrum kicked off. Fortunately I didn’t get to officiate that one.

Before the morning mayhem ensued we had some quiet time. Sharing A Shell looks really different, essentially not being illustrated by Axel Shaeffler but by Lydia Monks. It’s in Julia’s lovely rhyming style and is a glittery story of friendship, teamwork and the importance of sharing resources. My daughter is still learning to share – sometimes she does so spontaneously. But more often than not she declares everything – from her toys, food (last night a huge bunch of grapes on a plate in front of her were owned), her duvet (this morning just trying to get her up, I pulled back her covers and was told they were hers) – as hers.

I hope the sharing lesson has more success than teaching her about the potty.



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