Warm hearts and sugar

We’re a sentimental lot  and sifting through the latest book landslide, I notice there’s been a heavy lean towards the Valentine’s end of the spectrum with our book choices. We’ve been heavy on the sugar since Love Monster joined us, a week or so ago. And yesterday, after we had spent our morning up to our arms in Valentine crafting, the doorbell buzzed and there awaited another new arrival: The Day it Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond.

This book is sweeter than today’s banana nut loaf (brown sugar, maple syrup and honey – if you want to see what that does to a 2 year old, check our the aftermath on twitter, but suffice to say, she spent the next 30 mins chasing my feet… It’s toddler-crack.) I haven’t given it to Monkey-face yet – it’ll be her Valentine gift (I’m laying off the baking.)

It’s funny timing, because we are about to release our own hearts into the wild. We’ve had so much fun making them, but I’m not sure the place will ever be clean again. If one pops through your letter box, a bit soggy and possible oozing glitter, glue and soggy salt dough, bad luck, but we love you

For uncle Dabid, to whom we send the biggest


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