Smug post alert

I’ve not written for a week as I’ve been preoccupied with preparing myself for today.
I didn’t go to work today and I won’t be going at all this week. I decided to leave my old post, take a week off and rejoin a world of work that would allow be to have something resembling a home life. Until then, husband and I have left London for the sticks. We have had a week of reading with Monkey-face. These days any book left lying around she wants read to her. If it’s one she’s read already, she now happily recites whole pages from memory and this makes us happy too.
We spent a few nights with my mother who confuses her dog with a person and who frequently tells him to shut up – so Monkeyface now likes to follow this with a chant:
“be quiet, dont wriggle, sit still, stay put” from Snail and the Whale. It’s very funny.
MF also loves Each Peach Pear Plum and will cheerfully tell you the lines on every page. So exciting!


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