Beware of the Monster

Monkeyface is working the Monster face. This morning, she was pulling out all of the stops to try and make me laugh and, this evening, she pulled from the toybin a shamefully overlooked yet cool handpuppet that formed part of my barrage of Seattle guilt-purchases. Yep it’s a monster, with jutting out teeth and googly eyes, just like our Love Monster yet green and not red.

During the bargaining hour that now prefaces bedtime, and after 30 minutes of face pulling and general show-offery to try and make us laugh, Monkeyface started saying that it was “dark and scary and not very nice”. It didnt make any sense to me at all as no sane adult in our environs has talked about night time in such terms to her. When finally we were able to get to read with her, or rather she to us so often has she now heard Love Monster, I was really surprised to read that “it didn’t go well for such a long time in fact that it began to get dark. And scary. And not very nice.”  Aha. Quite what it says that I have read the book countless times now and yet still don’t recognise such a well-worn phrase but MonkeyFace can read the whole book almost from memory, I know not.



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