Fill the day up with you

My favourite children’s book of the Monkeyface is All in A Day. And after the strange day I had, I decided to read it to her. Or rather indoctinate her with it.

“This day will soon be over

and it wont come back again.

So live it well, make it count

fill it up with you.

The day’s all yours, it’s waiting now

See what you can do.”


For the large part today was happy. I’m rested and able to do the things that matter to me. I’ve found time and space to be more mindful of what’s around me. To hear the birds, to notice my daughter and her jibberjabber. To notice the rhythms and cadences of life, as a day plays out with coincidence and reminiscences of earlier days and times.

Today was such a day. Bright blue. New. Full of promise. Not without sadness, but when is a life not. To brush away the mood that threatened to obscure all of the joy of the day, I noticed the first blossom and pointed it out to the Monkey and told her “blossom is one of mummy’s favourite things.” Then I asked Monkeyface what she liked. This was her unprompted list. It’s a little random:

“I like triangles. And I like circles.” (At this point I thought maybe she didnt understand the question, then she went on and I saw that she did.)

“I like animals. I like Giraffes.

I like motorbikes. I like daddy.

I like fish-fingers.”

It worked. Blues gone. Ish

We filled today up with us.


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